Hennessy Coffee

Hennessy Coffee

Hennessy Coffee is a 100% Australian family owned business boasting coffee lover John Hennessy at the helm, championed by wife and business partner Christine and a very talented team who love the hospitality scene and are very customer focused.

The Hennessy Team members include our excellent roasting crew, our inspiring baristas, our outstanding account managers, our knowledgeable logistics and equipment service people and of course our amazing coffee educators.

All of our Hennessy Coffee team members are knowledgeable individuals contributing to our success.

The Hennessy Coffee aim is to ensure coffee lovers enjoy a moment with family and friends by getting back to the table and sharing a coffee and a conversation.

Together the Hennessy Coffee team are forming a legacy that is enthusiastically shared with Australian coffee lovers.

No matter where we are in this great land , it’s all about sharing a moment and a catch up with family and friends over a great Hennessy Coffee.


Unit 41/85-115 Alfred Road, CHIPPING NORTON, NSW, 2170