Australasian Gaming Expo 2018 three day seminar program.


The Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) and Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), are excited to announce a comprehensive seminar program to run over the three days of the Australasian Gaming Expo.

This year’s program takes a look at the future of the gaming industry in Australasia, covering topics related to new technology, gaming, hospitality, service, and the customer – all of which are aimed at helping you get more from your hospitality venue.

Held in state-of-the-art seminar rooms located within the ICC Sydney complex, attendance at the seminars is complimentary for visitors attending the Australasian Gaming Expo, on a first come-first served basis. Visitors who have completed the on-line registration to attend AGE 2018 will be sent further details such as seminar session times, as they become available.

Sponsorship and branding opportunities are also available for the Seminars, but are limited. If you have interest in sponsoring this year’s AGE Seminar Program, please email Janice Leung.

To submit a topic idea or presentation proposal, or general questions about the AGE seminar program, please contact Felix Ng.






14 August, 2018 (AM) – Future

Australia: State of the Nation
As the opening session for the 2018 AGE Seminar, this session will give a brief overview of some of the most pertinent issues facing the industry today and take a look at the opportunities and challenges facing our operators, suppliers and regulators across the sector.

Futurist Keynote: Technological Disruption & Innovation
A future focused keynote talk which takes a look at “disruptive technology” in 2018 and beyond. Topics of focus includes “Millennials and Gen-Y: Will they still demand the gaming products of today?”, “The Rise of the Cashless Society”, “Blockchain Technology”, and “The Data-Fueled Business of Today”.

The Gaming Product of Tomorrow
Following on from talks about disruptive technology and the millennial generation, this session discusses upcoming innovations in the gaming product space, as well as how regulators are responding. We take a look at where the virtual reality gaming market has taken us and discuss the potential of AR technology and skill-based games.

Future Gambling Landscape: Political tides, Regulations Ahead
The session takes a look at the political tides facing gaming in Australia and its implications for the industry.

14 August, 2018 (PM) – Regulation

IMGL Masterclass
The IMGL Masterclass will cover international and domestic legal trends of relevance to the Australian gambling industry including operators, regulators, venues and other stakeholders. Topics will cover gambling reforms, casino developments, impacts of new technologies on the supply of gambling services and the legal implications of the latest gambling developments from leading gambling sector lawyers and other experts.





15 August, 2018 (AM) – Food, Hospitality, Service, Events

Customer Experience & Your Staff
Ensuring great customer experience is as much of a function of formidable planning as it is attracting and retaining talented frontline staff. How are operators ensuring that their customers are getting the best possible service? How are your employees engaging with patrons and what can you do as an organization to make sure this is the best it can be?

Enter, Stage Left!
Planning and organizing the right entertainment for your audience is an art in itself. What does your entertainment plan look like? What metrics are in place to track its success? This session will look at the entertainment decisions faced by the country’s pub, hotel and club operators. One topic of particular attention is the role that esports could play in a venue, whether that be hosting your own tournament, or broadcasting a live international event that serves to attract the elusive millennial.

A Balanced Diet
As the F&B business becomes increasingly important to attract customers, operators are looking for ways to streamline their F&B operations and better connect them with their gaming and entertainment offerings. This session will also cover food trends, staff, training, leasing out F&B operations and the customer.

15 August, 2018 (PM) – Trending Now

Driving Engagement in 150 Words or Less
How can venues use social media to effectively communicate with their customers? As we know, “likes” doesn’t equal feet through the door. This session will take a look at the very latest trends and tips when it comes to social media marketing and also take a look at lessons learnt from other industries.

Is Equality Your Bottom Line?
A diverse and inclusive workplace should not be underestimated in its ability to vastly improve efficiency, productivity, innovation, creativity and employee engagement – a must in today’s competitive environment. In this session, we take gaming industry case studies to discuss how a gender diverse organisation can influence better business outcomes, and ultimately, have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Harm Minimization, Profit Maximization
Australia’s venue operators are starting to find more proactive ways to minimize harm and better collaborate with their local communities. Rather than seeing harm minimization as a drag on profits, operators should be thinking of the long-term gains that effective harm minimization can bring to a venue and the industry as a whole. How are venues supposed to react when they identify a problem gambler? What can venues do to further their harm minimization efforts, past what is required?

Stop the Press!
Over the last year, Australia’s gaming venues have, justifiably or not, fallen into scrutiny from media outlets and prominent political figures. There’s no stopping the media, but what can you do as an organization to mitigate negative perception and get the public back on your side?






16 August, 2018 (AM) – Pubs / Hotels Summit

How gaming operations affect pub valuations
The Pubs / Hotels Summit is a short seminar program dedicated to the hotels / pubs space in Australia. Topics discussed include: Changes to NSW gaming regulations, advantages in valuation for the regional pubs, how these arrangements will likely affect valuations of metro pubs taking on the leases, how new regulations have affected the price and valuation of entitlements, technology infrastructure, how CRT and TITO affect revenue, and the relationship between machine age and returns.


When to buy, when to keep?
While machines are profitable once installed, the purchasing of machines are expensive, and machines typically don’t stay long before your customers bore of it. This session will look at the specific challenges faced by pubs and hotels, who are trying to find a balance between new machines, old favorites with cost and customer expectations.