Seminar Program

Australasian Gaming Expo Seminar Program

Organised by Gaming Technologies Association (GTA) in partnership with Asia Gaming Brief (AGB), the AGE Seminar Program is the official seminar program for the Australasian Gaming Expo and runs over all three days of the Expo.

The seminar program is the must-attend seminar program for executives in the clubs, casino, pubs & hotels, hospitality, and gaming space. It covered topics related to new technologies, gaming, regulation, hospitality, customer service, and sustainability.

Seminar 1

Host: GTA | Event Partner: AGB | Supporting Associations: IMGL and WGHA


Tuesday 13 August | DAY 1

9:30 Opening Remarks & Welcome

Chris Muir, Chief Executive, Gaming Technologies Association

09:50 Keynote: Hyper Distraction

We are living in a world of hyper distraction. Our customers are being bombarded with content across platform and devices, and advertising just isn’t connecting with Gen Y, let alone scratch the surface with Gen Z. Crafted storytelling, with a perfect blend of technology, frictionless experiences and people will be the hallmark of tomorrow’s business.

Chris Riddell, Global Futurist, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

10:40 Morning Tea Break

11:10 Discussion: Gaming Industry's Year Ahead

Hosted by IMGL Masterclass™

This session will give an overall insight into what is in store for the gaming industry in Australia. Discussed will be tourist market trends, upcoming IR developments, spending, politics and economic trends affecting growth.

Moderator: Jamie Nettleton, Partner, Addisons Lawyers

Matt Ryan, Executive Director, Equities Research, UBS

Mike Sarquis, Acting Deputy Director General, Liquor Gaming & Fair Trading
Don Carducci, Gaming Analyst, JP Morgan

12:00 Panel: Paving the Road to Product Differentiation

With pokie revenue declining, manufacturers are looking at ways to breathe new life into their offerings. This session will explore the product innovation roadmap for Australia, and discuss what regulators, suppliers, and operators are doing to make this happen.

Moderator: Heather Scheibenstock GAICD, Non-Executive Director, Sensen Networks & Ainsworth Game Technology, Consultant
Adrian Halpenny, Senior Vice President Australia & Asia - Gaming, Scientific Games Corporation
Alex Fitzpatrick, Director of Licensing, VCGLR
Natasha Mann, Executive Director, Liquor and Gaming NSW

12:50 Lunch Break

14:00 Panel: Responsible Gaming Initiatives Ahead

Industry experts are expecting a tightening of responsible gaming measures in Australia. With innovations such as skill-based games and other new technology, what can operators expect from Australia’s RG environment in the years ahead?

Moderator: Julian Hoskins, Principal, Senet Legal
Paul Newson, Deputy Secretary, NSW Department of Industry
Dr. Sally Gainsbury, Deputy Director, Gambling Treatment & Research Clinic, University of Sydney

15:00 Panel: T​he Gaming Floor of the Future

Gaming systems are becoming more sophisticated, and with this, however, costs have also increased. This session will explore the capabilities of the next generation gaming system, and the direction that gaming system suppliers are heading.

Moderator: Neil Spencer, Managing Director, Gaming Consultants International

15:50 Presentation: Black Market Gaming

According to a whitepaper released last year by the Asia Racing Federation, the total amount wagered in the illegal betting industry is estimated between $340 billion to $1.7 trillion in 2017. This session will shed light on the illegal black market for gambling, and how this impacts your operations.

David Howman, Barrister, Harbor Chambers

16:20 Close of Day 1 Seminar


Chris Muir
Chris Muir
Chris Riddell
Chris Riddell
Jamie Nettleton
Jamie Nettleton
Sally Gainsbury
Sally Gainsbury
Alex Fitzpatrick
Alex Fitzpatrick
Natasha Mann
Natasha Mann


Wednesday 14 August | DAY 2

09:20 Opening Remarks & Welcome

09:30 Keynote: Customer Needs: Beyond The Service

There's an arms race in our industry for delivering the best customer service. However, it’s getting to the point where gaming venues are becoming too fixated on service itself. Peilai Qian is an experienced marketing and customer service expert, having worked across casinos in the United States and Asia. Hear Peilai’s’ refreshing take on what it really means to “serve” customers in our industry.

Peilai Qian, Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Marina Bay Sands

10:00 Presentation: The Entertainment Dollar

Our customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment these days. Just what are our gambling-aged customers doing with their disposable income, and where does our humble venue fit in? For this session, we invite a reputable market research firm that has been working on exactly this issue to share their findings.

Greg Norman, Director, Australia, Forecast Financial

10:30 Morning Tea Break

11:00 Panel: T​he Evolution of Customer Service

This session will take a look at the direction of customer service in the clubs industry, where are the top venues getting their inspiration, areas of improvement, and the keys to achieving the best results. In this discussion, our panelists will discuss how they measure customer service effectiveness, effective forms of training, and evaluating different skill set requirements across the business.

Moderator: Terry O’ Halloran, Associate, Russell Corporate Advisory
Morgan Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Taree RSL
Jonathan Brain, Chief Operating Officer, Canterbury League Club
Matthew Bell, Group Gaming & IT Manager, Tradies Group

12:00 Presentation: Personality Types & Gaming

Lifestyle changes and technology have resulted in psychographics, not demographics, and has become the key force driving consumer behavior. Find out the most common personality types you’ll see on the floor, how to identify them, and how to market to them.

Sudhir Kale, Ph.D., CEO, GamePlan Consultants

12:30 Lunch Break

14:00 Workshop: Customer Experience

Designed as a more hands-on and interactive session, the customer experience workshop will invite a number of Australia’s leading customer service experts from the gaming industry.

Organizing for Customer Experience: Culture and Employee Incentives (1hr 15m)

Clubs and casinos spend millions of dollars in upgrading their physical facilities but these cosmetic changes often have little impact on the quality of customer experience.

Using a short questionnaire, Sudhir will provide you with a score for the level of CX you currently provide. After this diagnosis, we will dive deep into how the culture of your organization and your employee incentives can be appropriately leveraged to provide an engaging and highly satisfying CX to your valued customers.

Sudhir Kale, Ph.D., CEO, GamePlan Consultants
Brett Jones, CEO, Bullseye CX
Tracey Lentell, Director of Design, Culture and Change, Tracey Lentell ACCM GAICD

16:30 Close of Day 2 Seminar

Greg Norman
Greg Norman
Peilai Qian
Peilai Qian
Tracey Lentell
Tracey Lentell


Thursday 15 August | DAY 3

09:20 Opening Remarks & Welcome

Rebecca Reed, Partner, Odgers Berndtson

09:30 Presentation: Future Leaders

The gaming industry is geared for a lot of change - but who are the people who will be making this happen? Our speaker for this session is an experienced executive search professional specialising in the Australian gaming industry. She’s seen the industry change over the years and knows just what is needed for the future.

Rebecca Reed, Partner, Odgers Berndtson

9:50 Presentation: Sacred Cows

How much are your courtesy buses costing you per year, and how much revenue are they generating for your business? Badge draws, cheap schooners, two for one deal… We are spending more now than we ever have on marketing and promotions. There are many “sacred cows” our industry holds dear. Is it time to shed these and many other profitability killers? Find out how.

Geoff Wohlsen, Principal, Wohlsen Consulting

10:20 Joint Presentation: Gender Diversity

Gender diversity has become a major theme over the last few years, and our gaming industry is no different. In this session, we hear from two of Australia’s leading gaming operators as to how they implement measures to promote gender diversity in the workplace - and some of the results that have come about. A focus will be given on scalable measures so that even the smallest venue can start the right steps.

Gen Arnold, Diversity Manager, Crown Resorts
Christine Ung, Diversity Manager, Star Entertainment Group

11:00 Morning Tea Break

11:20 Panel: Sustainability in Gaming

These days, most venues and gaming manufacturers have started to look at ways to reduce waste, impact on the environment, and putting together a sustainability policy. This session will explore some of the easiest ways to start making a real impact on sustainability, with real-life examples - and how this would inevitably improve your bottom line.
Chris Muir, Chief Executive, Gaming Technologies Australia
Kristy Rogan, Group Manager - Sustainability, Crown Resorts

12:00 Presentation: Engaging Technology Partners and Employees For Success

Digital transformation is upon us, but not everyone is on board. In our industry, there exists a chasm between staff, technology partners and managers, which has led to many innovative technologies falling short of expectations. This session will look to solve one of the number one problems affecting gaming venue operations today - technology adoption.

Danielle Rayner, Director GSL Solutions

12:20 Presentation: Feng Shui for Hospitality and Gaming

Jane Langof is a Feng Shui Master and has worked extensively in the club and gaming industry with an emphasis on gaming and casino design. In this session, Jane will share how clubs can use Feng Shui to attract customers, gaming design tips, and how to work with a Feng Shui Consultant.

Jane Langof, Founder, Feng Shui Concepts

12:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Business Planning (Workshop)

Developing a solid, and realistic business plan is the backbone of any organization interested in growth and sustainable earnings. As the title suggests, this workshop is all about effective business planning. Our workshop leader will sit down with our participants to build out their business plan for the year ahead. We’ll be able to find if we have common goals, similar challenges, and work collaboratively to solve them.

Geoff Wohlsen, Principal, Wohlsen Consulting

16:00 Close of Day 3 Seminar

Rebecca Reed
Rebecca Reed
Geoff Wohlsen
Geoff Wohlsen
Christine Ung
Christine Ung
Gen Arnold
Gen Arnold