SenSen Networks Gaming

SenSen Networks Gaming

SenSen Networks Ltd is public listed company on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:SNS) with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.  Networks Gaming Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary. Our team of over 80 serves blue chip clients from around the world including North America, Singapore, Australia, India, Philippines, the UAE, and Europe.

SenSen Networks’ core business is the provision of video-IoT data analytics and artificial intelligence software to customers across two major verticals – Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Retail & Leisure (Gaming). The company’s proprietary technology allows it to convert video and images into data, which has virtually infinite uses across a broad range of sectors; evidenced by SNS’s ability to onboard several prestige customers across both the public and private domain in a relatively short lifespan as a commercial company. The video intelligence capabilities give our clients real-time value-added insights to increase productivity and safety of their business operations.


Level 1, 9 Harper St, , VIC, 3067