Designed for businesses who have or want to have families with young children visit their premises, Playtec’s Australian Made indoor play solutions are high quality, durable…and kids love them! We all know the saying “work hard, play hard”​, but for families with young kids it’s more like “work hard at work and at home, play little!”​ The needs of their kids means they need to spend! So it’s the place that makes this spending easy that will maximise it’s share of the available revenue.

Do you want families with young kids to spend at your premises? If so, how do you make it easy for them to spend money with you? If you can’t make it easy, how else will you compete for the revenue of this segment? Are you interested in solutions that repeatedly bring these families to your business?

Playtec’s clients recognise that the fun their customers’​ children have on our indoor play solutions results in these customers spending more time and money in their premises. The increased revenue results in high returns and fast paybacks. Excuse the pun but it really is child’s play!

Playtec’s range of solutions cater for any space and any age from crawlers to primary school children. We have the capability to design, manufacture, install and maintain and use these capabilities to provide an “Australian Made”​ product that is high quality, safe and fun…just ask the kids!


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