J.L. Lennard

J.L. Lennard

J.L. Lennard is an importer/wholesaler of leading professional range of Catering equipment for Hospitality, Food Service, Bakery, QSR & Ice Cream/Gelato industries.

Our Brands are designed for commercial kitchens, saving time, labour and costs.

> Henny Penny: Open vats Fryers & Pressure Fryers; Hot Holding and Display cabinets.
> Taylor: Soft Serve Ice Cream; Frozen Yogurt; Frozen Cocktails and Frozen Custard models
> Taylor: High performance Clamshell type contact Grills
> Retigo: Latest technology, professional Convection; Combination Steam and Bakery ovens.
> XLT: Air Impingement Conveyor ovens.
> Frigomat: Gelato Ice Cream production
> Somerset: Dough Rollers; Fondant Sheeters; Dual Heat Presses…
> Pratica: rapid cook oven combining convection heat, impinged air, infrared and microwave technologies to reduce cook times by more than 80%
> Ayrking: Breader; Blender; Sifter and Tumble Marinating workstations

Equipment supply; technical start-up; in-house spare parts and technical assistance available Nationally.

For further information: 02 9475 9000 or visit www.jllennard.com.au


42 Giffard Street, SILVERWATER, NSW, 2128