Our Video Management System (G-Core/G-SIM) is perfectly suitable for sophisticated requirements but remains easy to handle for the operator. All information of the CCTV system and all interfaced third-party systems are bundled at a single point. Our System controls complex units, both locally and in geographically distributed locations. Manage individual locations or any number of sites by networking server systems while keeping it easy to handle for the operator.

The Vehicle Access Manager (VAM/LPR) provides the ability to manage license plate recognition data. This application includes database functions specifically adapted for yard management in logistics. Assign vehicles to service providers, drivers, contact data or orders, whereby the access roads can be assigned to completely different workplaces. Various gatekeeper seats, traffic lanes (entrance or exit), media channels (cameras), users and license plate recognition systems can be linked with recognised license plates.

The health monitoring software (G-Health) carries out a permanent function check of your hardware components and provides early warning of critical conditions such as an impending hard disk failure due to wear and tear or system malfunctions. The software checks data throughput, data utilization and system temperature and reports any deviations.


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