The Clorox Company has been making innovative products for more than a century that generations of people around the world trust to make their lives and the world a better place.

CloroxPro is a pioneer in both cleanliness and disinfection. It provides a wide-ranging portfolio of proven disinfectants and sanitisation products.

Offering the most robust portfolio of professional solutions, including cleaning and odour removal products, CloroxPro has a fully approved range of registered surface disinfectants for healthcare and commercial settings and electrostatic sprayer technology. Its products are trusted by sports stadiums, sports teams, leading hospitals, and schools and workplaces throughout the country, and contribute to healthier environments every day.

In shared spaces, the impacts of illnesses and infections multiply quickly and create ripple effects that are felt at individual, facility and community levels. Every year, the flu alone leads to thousands of illnesses and deaths, thousands of missed days of school and work and millions of dollars in lost productive time, but it doesn’t have to.

In today’s fast-moving, global world, outbreaks anywhere have the potential to threaten health everywhere. The rise of community-associated infections and growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance only heighten this risk and make preventing and controlling the spread of infections within and between facilities an urgent priority. The COVID-19 pandemic with its associated variances is an extreme example of that.

CloroxPro quickly identified the need to develop a product that would kill the COVID-19 virus and already has in its portfolio, a number of Therapeutic Goods Administration listed products, to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces.

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