Audalize is a professional music service for business. Audalize is Australian owned and founded, and trusted by a multitude of businesses.
Audalize delivers a robust music service as well as visual options. Audalize’s inbuilt promotions platform can quickly and easily deliver and manage your in-house advertising.

We do the heavy lifting in helping to create the perfect ambience in your business. This is achieved through a catalogue of over
35 million songs, expert curation & schedule management, commercial grade hardware, & software, expert Client Management & Customer Support.

In short, we are the easiest, most cost effective and most robust commercial music service available on the market today. You just pay for the services you need! Once you do the numbers, we know that you’ll see Audalize as a great value proposition.

Audalize is an agile solution and we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. Added functionality, features and products are in development, just watch to see what we do next!


57 Lansdowne Road, , WA, 6151